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Condair's representative in the Middle East:

Handasiyah FZ-LLC
Business Division Condair

Dubai Science Park
HQ Complex - Office 605N
P.O. Box 393145
United Arab Emirates

Contact: Mr Mahmoud Widyan
Email: mahmoud.widyan@condair.com
Mobile: +(971) 56 454 2627

Tel: +(971) 4 368 8491
Fax: +(971) 4 361 4492
Email: info@handasiyah.com

Condair's representative in Qatar:

Central Airconditioning Trading & Services (CAT)

1st Floor, Al Malki HQ Building
New Al Mirqab, Jawaan Street

P.O Box- 40688 

Doha, Qatar

Contact: Mr. Mohammed El Khatib

Tel: ( +974) 4403 9000
Tel: (+974) 33103010
Fax: ( +974) 4465 1518

Email: cat@almalkigroup.net