Humidity control for bakeries

If relative humidity (RH) levels are too high or low, air will be overly moist or dry. Maintaining a balanced RH is critical, as this application exposes products to atmospheric conditions during the baking process and not only during storage.

Depending on the size of the environment, some bakeries may require humidifiers with greater load capacities. Condair has a highly efficient humidifier suitable for every capacity, with every type of humidification technology available at your disposal, from gas and/or electric-powered humidification to adiabatic cooling available. With a system installed that suits the bakery application in question, it’s easy to precisely control RH and ensure that air quality benefit baked goods.

With an adiabatic humidifier or evaporative cooling system small to medium sized bakeries and large factories can ensure that they reduce flour dusting as well as cool employees who are constantly standing near the ovens or hot areas. This ensures that cooks and employees are comfortable. This has a profound effect for anyone allergic to flour dust and employees who desire better working conditions.

In the baking industry, businesses need to continually move product as breads and other baked goods typically have shorter shelf lives. Proper humidification will ensure that finishes and decorative additions look pristine, therefore encouraging customers to feel confident in purchasing product. Visual appeal plays a key role in successful bakery operation, as product appearance helps to drive sales.

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Benefits of humidification for the bakery industry include:

  • Minimize product and ingredient wastage / spoilage, (i.e. flour retains more moisture and more weight).
  • Maimize profits with consistent appeal to customers.
  • Regulated air moisture levels for optimal output on product surfaces.
  • Minimize flour dust, allergies and keep employees comfortably cool.

Our clients include

- Sara Lee

- Nestle

- Quaker Oats

- Sugarfayre

- Grupo Bimbo

- Warburtons

- The Village Bakery

- CSM Bakery Solutions

Dehumidification in food manufacturing

Humidification in food manufacturing

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