Condair Group Executive Board

Oliver Zimmermann, CEO Condair Group


Oliver Zimmermann


“For many decades, Condair has been growing steadily, establishing itself as the market leader in humidification. With dehumidifi-cation and evaporative cooling, we are well equipped to offer humidity control solutions and further drive growth. By leveraging our expertise, we are determined to fulfill our duty to make the built environment healthier. This vision inspires me and the whole team at Condair. Jointly, we’re a force for positive change for the health of the people worldwide, fitting to our slogan:

Humidity for a better life”.

Oliver Zimmermann, CEO Condair Group


Philipp von Heimendahl

Head of Markets Europe

“Our Condair mission is to truly understand our customers’ needs and to deliver individual solutions fitting to these requirements. It’s fascinating to see how our Condair teams across the globe, in Europe, the Americas and Asia, all share this passion. We put our deep global expertise in humidity control in an incredibly wide breadth of applications to the service of all our local customers. It makes all of us proud to be part of our customers’ success.”


Raphael Dietsche, CFO Condair Group


Raphael Dietsche


“Condair has been transforming from an international group of independent companies into one truly and fully integrated global enterprise.

The automation and efficiency in processes and systems are the backbone of any world-class organization. It surely creates sustainable added value for the Condair Group and its business partners, by allowing us to focus on what is essential, to serve our customers better and to grow faster.”


Eric Roth, CTO Condair Group


Dr. Eric Roth


“Since its foundation, innovative products have been a pillar of Condair's success. Our patented solutions are developed to meet our customers’ needs in terms of functionality and quality. The efficient use of energy and water is a focus of our product innovations. We use connectivity to make our products’ servicing more efficient and to optimize their use for our customers. Thanks to our investments in innovation and development, we have a fascinating roadmap for our product portfolio.”

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